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We Provide a wide spectrum of Valuable Resources for the FoodService Operator.  You can find pertinent information and resources for Government Rules & Regulations, Commercial Services, Restaurant Equipment, Web Development, Educational Research, Health & Safety, Financial Services, Service Agents, Demographic Information, Restaurant Operation, and Trade Associations.

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Georgia Counties

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Auburn Berkeley Lake Braselton Buford Dacula
Duluth Grayson Lawrenceville Lilburn Loganville
Norcross Snellville Sugar Hill Suwanee  

Employee Alcohol Permits- Liquor License Permits for Waiters, Waitresses, Bartenders and Managers.  Click here for information directions and telephone number.

Types of Permits and Fees

Foodservice Section 4.2-Gwinnett County Development Assistance Handbook.pdf
State of Georgia FoodService Rules & Regulations 290-5-14
Grease Trap Rules, Regulations, Service, and Sales
Restaurant owners call us first because we are not a cash advance or factoring company. We have nothing to do with your credit card transactions. The loan you receive is tax deductible resulting in lower overall cost of funds. The payments you make are fixed and will not change during the term of the loan – as your revenue grows you keep more of it.

Pre-Opening Checklist - FREE!!

A comprehensive checklist that that covers many aspects of the pre-opening process. 

Available in PDF Format.

Start-up Tools & Templates - Start-up Business Plan Template, sample P&L, Cash Flow Analysis, Break Even Analysis spreadsheet and more.

Smallwares Requirements - FREE!!

A complete list of supplies needed to open a 100 seat restaurant.  If your restaurant has 75 seats, multiply the quantity listed by .75.  If your restaurant has 175 seats, multiply quantity listed by 1.75. (Available In Pdf and Excel Formats.)


Television ● Phone ● Internet ● Data

Chances are you’re paying too much for your Internet and Voice services every month and not getting the most out of them. Comcast Business Class offers best-in-class services for less.

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Secretary of State



Welcome to Georgia-Official website of the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade, & Tourism


Gwinnett County's municipal codes and ordinances are located online at  Municode. This site allows you to search the county's codes and ordinances. The Municipal Code Corporation developed this technology and is independent from the Gwinnett County website. View your publication in the "Frames" mode unless you are using a Netscape browser.
Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

6500 Sugarloaf Parkway

Duluth, GA 30097

(770) 232-3000

Employee Alcohol Permits- Liquor License Permits for Waiters, Waitresses, Bartenders and Managers.  Click here for information directions and telephone number.

Gwinnett County Departments

75 Langley Dr
Lawrenceville, GA
Map Link

Gwinnett County, GA  A-Z Index

(770) 822-8000

Planning & Development

Director: Bryan Lackey
p: 678.518.6000

Department of Planning and Development Forms

Documents and Regulations

One Justice Square
446 West Crogan St.
Lawrenceville, GA  30045-2475

Map Link

(678) 518-6000

Licensing & Revenue Office

The mailing address for the office is PO Box 1045, Lawrenceville GA 30046. The office is located 446 West Crogan Street, Suite 125 in Lawrenceville


Business License

446 West Crogan Street, Suite 125 Lawrenceville, GA  30045

Map Link


Gwinnett County Government Annex Building

Map Link


Gwinnett County Police Dept

446 West Crogan Street, Suite 125 Lawrenceville, GA  30045

Map Link

* Business License - 3rd floor, Suite 300

* Police Permitting (server/pourer permits, fingerprinting, routine criminal background checks) - 2nd floor


Gwinnett County Fire Department

The Fire Marshal's Office

One Justice Square
Office of the Fire Marshal
446 West Crogan St. Suite 100
Lawrenceville, GA  30045-2475

Map Link



NEW Inspection Request Line:

Fire Safety, Cleaning and Inspections


Fire Prevention & Life Safety

Office Hours:
Walk In Customers: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm

coordinates and ensures compliance with fire codes. In addition to building plan reviews, permits, and Certificates of Occupancy.  Fire Planners and Fire Inspectors work with business and dwelling owners to interpret and conduct code compliance inspections.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Requirements

For Commercial Kitchen Hood questions please contact Wayne Dixson, Fire Planner at 678.518.6117 or send an email to You may also contact Kenneth Ferguson, Fire Planner at 678.518.6120 or send an email to

(Commercial Kitchen Hoods & Suppression Systems.PDF)

Building Permits Section

(678) 518-6020

Building Plan Review Section

(678) 518-6040

Plumbing Inspections

(770) 822-7570

Building Inspections Automated

Request Line (24/7)

(678) 518-6277

Code Compliance Section

(678) 518-6050

Commercial Structural Inspections

(770) 822-7560

Electrical Inspections

(770) 822-7580



Employee Alcohol Permits- Liquor License Permits for Waiters, Waitresses, Bartenders and Managers.  Click here for information directions and telephone number.

Employee Alcohol Permits


Alcoholic Beverage License Surveyors

Attach a certified plat of the proposed premises, prepared by a registered Georgia Land Surveyor, showing the location of all improvements and the distance from any church, school, alcoholic treatment facility, County park or playground, measured as required by the Alcohol Beverage Control Ordinance.

Gwinnett County Environmental Health Services

Map Link

East Metro Health District
2570 Riverside Parkway
P. O. Box 897
Lawrenceville, GA 30046-0897

Phone: 770-339-4260
FAX: 770-339-2334

Food Service Establishments
Environmental Health regulates food service establishments such as restaurants, portable food service vehicles, school and institutional cafeterias, and catering services. Some of the functions of the agency regarding food service are:

Training food service personnel,
Permitting establishments,
Conducting inspections to insure code compliance, and
Complaint investigations.


Environmental Health Permit Applications

  • Permit Application
    • Plan Review Checklist
    • Plan Review Form
    • Plan Review Requirements
  • Temporary Food Service Permit Application

  • The City of Auburn

    Map Link

    1369 4th Avenue

    Auburn, GA 30011



    Licenses & Permits

    Alcohol License

    Businesses that sell and serve beer, wine, distilled spirits, and/or alcoholic beverages are required to obtain a City of Auburn alcohol license.

    Alcohol License

    Building Permits and Inspections

    Building permits are required for all new construction as well as most additions, alterations, and renovations to existing structures.

    Building Permits and Inspections

    Occupational Tax Certificate

    Every business in the City of Auburn must apply, each year, for an occupational tax certificate, formerly referred to as a business license.

    Occupational Tax Certificate

    The City of Berkeley Lake

    Map Link

    4040 Berkeley Lake Road
    Berkeley Lake, GA 30096

    770-368-8810 Fax

    Planning & Zoning


    The City of Braselton

    Map Link

    4982 Hwy 53

    Braselton, Georgia 30517

    706-654-3109 Fax

    Braselton Department of Building Inspections


    4982 Hwy 53, Braselton, Georgia 30517

    Building Official: Michael (Wayne) DuBose

    Office and inspection requests:

    Business / Occupational Licenses

      Send an email to:

    The City of Buford

    Map Link

    95 Scott Street
    Buford, GA 30518


    The City of Dacula

    Map Link

    Post Office Box 400

    442 Harbins Road

    Dacula, Georgia 30019


    770-513-2187 Fax

    The City of Duluth

    Map Link

    3578 West Lawrenceville Street

    Duluth, GA 30096


    770-623-2780 Fax

    Planning & Development - Permits & Forms Online  

    Department of Planning & Development


    Ken Suddreth

    Planning & Development Director

    770-814-3008 Fax

    Alcohol Beverage License for the City of Duluth
    Businesses that sell and serve beer, wine, distilled spirits, or any other alcoholic beverages in the City of Duluth are required to obtain a City of Duluth alcohol license through the office of the City Clerk, located at Duluth City Hall. License periods run from July 1 through June 30th of each year. If a license is issued after January 1st, the amount of the license is half the fee.

    Available licenses and fees are listed on page 1 of the Alcohol Beverage License application.
    In all cases, businesses must also obtain a State Alcohol License through the Georgia Department of Revenue.

    All businesses are required to purchase alcohol from Whole Sale Distributors.

    How to apply for an Alcohol License

    1. All businesses must first obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate from the City of Duluth.
    2. Applicant must complete the Alcohol application and submit to Alcohol/Excise Tax Officer in the City Clerk’s office, completed and notarized, with an application payment.
    3. The Business will undergo verification of Occupational Tax (business license) as well as status of any fees or taxes due to the City.
    4. A background investigation is required on all owners and managers by the Duluth Police Department.
    5. Alcohol Handling Permits are required on all employees who serve, sell or handle alcohol.
    6. The completed application is reviewed by the City Clerk or his/her designee and written notification of approval or denial is generated.
    7. The normal processing time required is, roughly one week.

    City of Duluth Alcohol Beverage Licenses are issued in accordance with regulations and requirements outlined in Chapter 3 of the Duluth Code of Ordinances. Latest Alcohol Ordinance (August, 2010). October 2010 Alcohol Amendment

    Businesses licensed to sell liquor by the drink on their premises (restaurants) shall pay excise tax at the rate of $0.22 per liter and must file a monthly return with the City of Duluth for collection/reporting of excise taxes. See Excise Tax Form on page 29 of the Alcohol Beverage License application for details.

    Renewing your Alcohol license


    If you already have a City of Duluth Alcohol License, you will receive renewal paperwork in the mail early April to renew for the following year. Paperwork will be due back to the City by June 1st of each year.
    For more information, contact Alcohol Officer Leslie Ward at or 770/476-3434.

    Alcohol Handling Permits

    Every employee who will handle or serve alcohol will be required to obtain an alcohol handling permit from the Duluth Police Department, located at 3276 Buford Highway. Permits are issued on Tuesdays between 9:00am -11:00am and 1:30pm – 3:30pm for a charge of $35.

    For more information regarding Handling Permits, contact Sandy York at or 770/476-4151.

    Alcohol Awareness Training Program for Licensed Vendors and Handlers
    The City of Duluth and GUIDE, Inc. (Gwinnett United in Drug Education) have collaborated to create a new alcohol vendor and alcohol handler training to assure that everyone who serves and/or sells alcohol does so responsibly.
    The City of Duluth’s leaders passed a new ordinance which mandates alcohol vendor/handler training. This training will provide a review of laws and penalties, and at the same time equip the participants with the knowledge of how to manage certain situations they may face.
    The penalties for serving to underage youth and intoxicated patrons and other specific laws are not only stiff, but can have a direct impact on our community’s health, safety and wellness.
    This is the first mandatory alcohol vendor and alcohol handler training in Gwinnett County. GUIDE applauds City of Duluth for its leadership, foresight and focus in working towards creating a safer and healthier community.
    The exact wording of the new ordinance can be found on the City of Duluth Website, under City Code of Ordinances, Ordinance of Chapter 3 Alcoholic Beverages: Sec 3-215 Training Required for Issuance of Licenses (page 20).

    The city of Grayson
    The city of Grayson currently has no web site. Additional information can be obtained by calling Grayson City Hall at: (770) 963-8017

    The City of Lawrenceville

    Map Link

    70 S. Clayton St
    Lawrenceville, GA 30045


    Planning and Zoning Department


    General Code of Ordinances 2005   

    Chapter 12: Solid Waste Management

    Chapter 20: Water Service

    Chapter 23: Utility Service and Disconnection Procedure

    Chapter 31: General Offenses

    Chapter 32: Licensing and Business Regulation


    City of Lawrenceville Downloadable Forms (.pdf Format) Get Adobe Reader

    Alcoholic Beverage Sales Application

    Download Fingerprint Cards (FD-258) Here

    Business Info Crime Prevention
    Building Permit Application Building Permit Fee Schedule 2006
    Building Plan Review Requirements Building Plan Revision Requirements
    Commercial Building Permit Procedure Electrical Contractors Affidavit
    Fee Schedule for Business Licenses and Permits Home Occupation Compliance Form
    Sign Permit Application Special Use Application

    The City of Lilburn

    Map Link

    76 Main Street

    Lilburn, GA 30047


    770-921-8942 Fax

    The City of Loganville

    Map Link

    4385 Pecan St.

    Loganville, Ga  30052

    770-466-0904 Fax

    Permits & Applications

    P.O. Box 254
    Loganville, GA 30052

    770-554-5556 Fax
    Director: Earl Hillis



    Occupational Tax Application

    Fire Inspection Application

    Beer/Wine Application

    770-466-0904 Fax

    The City of Norcross

    Map Link

    65 Lawrenceville Street

    Norcross, GA 30071

    (770) 448-2122

    Community Development Department


    Permit Information


    The City of Snellville

    Map Link

    2342 Oak Road

    Snellville, GA 30078

    770-985-3551 Fax

    Planning and Development
    Services & Information

    2342 Oak Road, 2nd Floor
    Snellville, GA 30078

    770-985-3551 Fax

    Occupation Tax Licenses & Home Businesses


    Building Permits/Inspections

    Building Inspector: Craig Lokey



    The City of Sugar Hill

    Map Link

    4988 West Broad St.

    Sugar Hill, Ga  30518


    770-945-0281 Fax

    Business License Application



    Occupational Tax Certificate Checklist



    The City of Suwanee

    Map Link

    373 Highway 23 (Buford Highway)

    Suwanee, GA 30024


    770/945-2792 Fax

    Planning & Inspections



    Business Licenses/
    Occupational Tax Certificates


    Building Permits/Inspections

    The information provided herein is without guarantee, warranty or representation of any kind whatsoever. Your use of and browsing in this Web Site are at your sole risk. In the case of any errors or discrepancies, including deadline dates for the submission of any materials, the official printed documents maintained in the various City, County, State, and National departments and offices will take precedence.

    Section Links

    State of Georgia Page
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    National Government Resources
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    Restaurant Equipment 
    Financial Resources
    Security Systems
    Cleaning & Maintenance
    Marketing & Public Relations
    Human Resources
    Restaurant Operation
    Education & Research
    Health & Safety
    Web Development
    Commercial Real Estate-Brokers, Contractors, & Designers
    Restaurant Operation
    Service Agent & Repair

    3520 Piedmont Road
    Suite 130
    Atlanta, GA 30305

    404-467-9000 (P)

    404-467-2206 (F)

    Pre-Opening Checklist

    A comprehensive checklist that that covers many aspects of the pre-opening process.  Available in PDF Format.

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    Liquor License Permits for Waiters, Waitresses, Bartenders and Managers.  Click here for information directions and telephone number.


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