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Frequently Asked Alcohol Questions
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Alcoholic Beverage License Surveyors

Attach a certified plat of the proposed premises, prepared by a registered Georgia Land Surveyor, showing the location of all improvements and the distance from any church, school, alcoholic treatment facility, County park or playground, measured as required by the Alcohol Beverage Control Ordinance.
Rules, Regulations and Laws Governing the Sale of Alcohol in Georgia.

Administrative Categories 560

Alcohol Regulations 560-2

Alcohol Regulation 560-2-3-.22-.66 Packaged Ice – Distilled Spirits

Tobacco Regulations 560-8-6

3-1-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - General Provisions

3-2-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - State Administration and Enforcement

3-3-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages Generally

3-4-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Distilled Spirits

3-5-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Malt Beverages

3-6-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Wine

3-7-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Sale of Distilled Spirits by Private Clubs

3-8-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at Publicly Owned Facilities

3-9-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Sale of Alcoholic Beverages by Passenger Carriers, Nonprofit Organizations and Hotels and Motels

3-10-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Sale or Possession of Distilled Spirits in Dry Counties and Municipalities

3-11-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Sales Off Premises for Catered Functions

3-12-1 Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Law - Residential Community Development Districts

16-12-170 Georgia Tobacco Law

48-11-1 Georgia Tobacco Law

48-17-1 Georgia Coin Operated Amusement Machines Law

Occupational Tax Stamp - Federal Tax on Retail Dealers

Corporations PartnershipsLimited Liability Companies Alcohol Licensing & Compliance Joint Ventures Franchise Formation  ● LitigationEmployment LawDispute Resolution

The law defines a retail dealer as a person who sells to any person other than a dealer. This includes sales for on-premises consumption (e.g. bars, restaurants, clubs, sports arenas, etc.). All retail dealers (except in the case of "limited" dealers) are required to pay special  and obtain a special tax stamp before commencing business, and on or before July 1 and thereafter, if they continue in business.

     A retail dealer who handles distilled spirits, wine or beer or any combination of distilled spirits, wine or beer and malt beverages must pay special tax at the rate of $250 a year. When the tax is paid in full, the dealer will be issued a special tax stamp for the class of business for which the tax is paid. The special tax stamp is issued to cover only one place of business. If retail dealers conduct business at more than one location, they must pay special tax and obtain a special tax stamp for each location. Persons engaged in the sales of distilled spirits, wine or beer, who willingly fail to pay the tax, render themselves liable to a fine of not more than $5000, imprisonment for not more than 2 years, or both.

For further assistance call (800) 398-2282

State of Georgia FoodService Rules & Regulations 290-5-14
Grease Trap Rules, Regulations, Sales, and Service

Pre-Opening Checklist - FREE!!

A comprehensive checklist that that covers many aspects of the pre-opening process. 

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Pre-Opening Checklist

A comprehensive checklist that that covers many aspects of the pre-opening process.  Available in PDF Format.

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